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Paddle8 Lab supports your business in keeping up with the changing demands of luxury consumption, accelerating the sourcing of and transacting with luxury collectibles.

The Lab was launched in September 2017 through a joint partnership between Paddle8 and The Native SA, a Swiss based content marketing, technology and eCommerce services company with a depth of proprietary technological tools and systems. The initial focus was to design and deploy blockchain technologies for the art market by securitizing and digitizing the commodity and enhancing its seamless trading in the age of cryptocurrencies, with an eventual view towards expanding the offering of these technologies to other luxury collectibles.

Headquartered in Switzerland, the Lab has a dedicated executive team comprised of thought leaders and pioneers in the field of eCommerce, luxury and technology and a rapidly growing and dedicated talent pool of 84 developers and engineers.

Today, the Lab is proud to announce three of its major initiatives that have been under development for the last 10 months: In the coming months, the Lab will also be announcing a series of exciting deployments and partnerships in the fields of quantum cryptography and merchant payment processing and AI-based Natural Language Generation and Natural Language Processing for frictionless valuation and cataloguing of objects.

Active Projects


P8Pass: Blockchain “Passportization” of the Art & Collectibles

P8Pass now availalbe for buyers on Paddle8. Blockchain “passportization” services for the consigners of art and collectible luxury items. The Art Object Passport contains the object’s universal ID, general description, image library, transaction history and Identity Pass (P8Pass). The P8Pass is a cryptographically protected “seal of approval” that can be only obtained as a result of a clearly defined verification process, accepted by the network participants. The P8Pass is an expression of consensus reached by the designated network participants in relation to the Object’s identity (origin) and ownership status. It also contains the hashed info allowing the verification of the originality of the Object versus possible copies. Learn more on


Cryptocurrency Auctions

Cryptocurrencies have created tremendous wealth for a new generation of digitally savvy investors. As part of its mission to make art and collecting more accessible, Paddle8 will open its doors to these online pioneers, by offering the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments for key auctions.

Non-Profit Auctions

Non-Profit Auction Services

Paddle8 Lab will offer our passportization services to museums and artists to help better track the provenance of artworks & collectibles, as well as to facilitate any transactions with those objects, from selling to pledging and gifting. Additionally, the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments will open the auctions to a wealth of new bidders and art enthusiasts that represent perhaps one of the largest cohorts of new wealth created in recent decades.

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